All shows include routines choreographed to lively upbeat contemporary music, history and info on each of the canine star performers and their trainers, info on the care and training of the animals, audience participation in the show, Q & A time at the end of each performance. Our dedicated trainers and their super star canines travel all across the United States and Canada performing in fairs, festivals, schools, etc.

When they are not on the road, they love to perform here in the greater Houston area and would love to do your next event!

Available for fairs, festivals, half time shows at sporting events, school carnivals and assembly programs, church, scouting, and civic programs, birthday parties, company picnics, family reunions and more!

Call us today for pricing and availability!
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"WOW, That show was awesome and much more then we ever expected. You guys are very fun to watch and your talent shows. we will recommending the trick dog show to anyone looking for entertainment.! Thanks again Paul"

'Just wanted to write you guys and let you know how much we enjoyed the show, everyone had a great time and could not quit talking about how wonderful the dogs are. Thanks and I have some awesome pictures as well. Debbie'

"AWESOME, I am lost for words, we had know idea that the dogs could jump so high and be so graceful at the same time. You guys ROCK! Thanks so much. Tracy"

"What a great time all the kids had today. I can't believe how amazing the dogs were so that says so much about you guys. You have a gift for dogs that carries over to children, thank you and I can't tell you how many moms said it was the best party they had ever been to! Thank you so much, for your kind spirit with the kids and the amazing show! Jennifer"

Outdoor Shows And Setup
Optimal performance area is a 70ft x 100ft grass, obstruction free environment; uneven terrain, rocks, trees, and other obstructions are hazardous to our dogs and performers. (We can perform in smaller areas if need be; but the above dimensions are preferred.) We need to park our trailer on one of the four sides of the performing area, and then we set up a 10x20 ft tent. So, on one of the four sides we need an additional 18 ft (minimum) to set up our sound system, crates, etc... Seating for the audience (bleachers are preferred) should be taken into consideration.

Each show lasts about 30-60 minutes, depending upon which show format is used. We then have a 5-15 minute meet and greet with the dogs after each show. 3-4 four dogs are used in each show; and audience participation is engaged when conditions are acceptable. We require a minimum of two hours between each scheduled show (our show is very high energy; and even though we use different dogs in each show, the human performers need to recuperate and re-energize for the next show). We do ask that scheduling conflicts with other performers, bands, loud noise attractions, etc. be taken into consideration. Our dogs do perform to music, and out of respect for the audience; and too not distract the human or canine performers, we ask that these considerations be thought through.